Top Reasons to Take a PLS Class

Why taking one of our classes is right for you!


Classroom-Applicable & Relevant

Our catalog includes 35+ graduate courses in nine different concentration areas covering both the fundamentals and innovations in education. Learn strategies you can apply the very next day. 

Move up the salary scale.

Working toward and earning degrees, taking non-degree courses, and earning post-graduate certifications help you move up the salary scale in your district.



Meet recertification requirements.

Our courses can help you fulfill your teaching recertification standards in your state.

Pre-Approved by College Partners

Our partner colleges and universities have approved courses and instructors so you can easily earn credit and apply it to your master’s degree or license renewal.



Taught by Top Notch Instructors

Our cadre of over 75+ experienced instructors are one of the top reasons 75% of first-time participants take a second class.

Flexible & Convenient

Whether you take a class at your own pace, in-person, or online, you’ll be sure to find a class format that fits your schedule.



Embedded in Online Degree Programs

Our classes are part of masters and doctoral level degrees you can achieve online.