Developing Executive Function to Empower Learners™

Course Description

Explore the correlation between student learning and the executive function skills of the brain. Mind matters, and strong executive function skills enhance student learning and empower students throughout their academic and professional lives. Learn how to develop and strengthen executive function in the areas of organization and planning, focus and attention, working memory, effort and resilience, cognitive flexibility, self-directedness, and inhibitory control. Classroom-applicable strategies are presented in a content-oriented manner to help you strengthen executive function skills in all learners.

Three (3) Credit Hours

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All on-site, remote learning, and hybrid course materials are complimentary. You will be able to download a digital copy or request a printed copy upon course registration.


  • On-Site
  • Online: 4-week
  • Online: 7-week
  • Online: Remote Learning


  • Classroom Management
  • Developing Educator Expertise
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Social-Emotional

Course Offerings