Class Experience

Class Experience

When you enroll in a PLS Class, you should expect nothing short of excellence. Our classes are taught by master educators with years of experience and practical knowledge. In each course, you’ll discover strategies, ideas, and tactics that you can implement in your classroom right away. 

Our Formats

Taking an online course + laptop icon

7-Week Online Courses

Fully Facilitated

Taking an online course + laptop icon

4-Week Online Courses

Fully Facilitated

Teacher Taking Remote Learning Course

Remote Learning Courses

2 – 4 Weeks in Duration

Taking a self-paced course at home

Self-Paced Courses

Fully Facilitated
45 – 90 Days in Duration

Interacting in the classroom

On-Site Courses

Synchronous & Asynchronous
Off-Campus Locations

Our remote learning and online classes are highly engaging and interactive regardless of the delivery method.

Remote Learning Online Classes

With our remote learning format, you’ll feel like you are in the room with your instructor as you take the course alongside other participants from the comfort of your own home. Remote learning combines both synchronous zoom sessions with independent learning opportunities.

Online Classes

Our 7-week, 4-week, and self-paced online classes are fully-facilitated and asynchronous.

Our 7-week and 4-week formats provide a structured format and collaboration between your classmates.

Our self-paced courses allow you to make your own schedule while engaging in meaningful communications with your dedicated instructor.

A Letter to Your District Leaders About Our Online Courses

At PLS Classes, we are dedicated to developing online courses rooted in research-based best practices for online learning, including vigorous coursework and the use of relevant technologies. If you require additional documentation for school leadership, we invite you to download and distribute this letter or contact us for further assistance.

Do you prefer a more traditional face-to-face learning experience? 

On-Site Classes in Pennsylvania

Our on-site classes provide you with an opportunity to take off your teacher hat and get back in the classroom and enjoy being a student once again. Our classes are taught by master facilitators with years of experience and practical knowledge. Through hands-on activities, discussions, collaborative projects with other educators, and interactive instruction you’ll learn researched-based strategies that can be applied immediately. 

PLS on-site classes are offered throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Can’t find an on-site class in your area?

Our remote learning format is very similar to our on-site experience but conducted over Zoom.

Crave being in person with your colleagues? Consider being a team leader for our customized cohort program.


Please contact Sarah Menegay, M.Ed.

Director of Professional Learning