Course Concentrations 

In order to help you find the courses that are the most relevant to your learning needs or professional interests, we have tagged each course with one or more concentration(s) or area(s) of interest. Below is a descriptor of each area or concentration. When searching for a course, use the filters to help determine the right course for you.


  • 12 Courses

Assessment determines if and how the learning outcomes are being met. The courses within this concentration offer a variety of methods and strategies used to design formative and summative assessments (before, during, and after instruction); create rubrics that evaluate student progress and measure skill acquisition; provide timely and descriptive feedback; document academic readiness; and improve student performance by designing instruction based on assessment data.

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Classroom Management

  • 14 Courses

Classroom management focuses on the proactive, responsive, and supportive skills and techniques used to encourage behaviors that facilitate or enhance learning. The courses within this concentration promote strategies that build a community of learners; foster a safe learning environment; organize the physical environment; implement effective rules and procedures; establish academic, behavioral, and social practices; and minimize disruptive behaviors that hinder learning.

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Curriculum Design

  • 29 Courses

Curriculum design focuses on designing lessons that are content-specific or utilize a design model that maximizes understanding of theory, content, depth of knowledge, and application of concepts. The courses within this concentration focus on planning student-centered instruction that is aligned to the standards, measuring student outcomes, providing differentiation, incorporating multiple pathways to learning, promoting relevant and interactive activities, and utilizing brain-compatible teaching techniques that fosters executive function skills.

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Developing Educator Expertise

  • 25 Courses

Developing educator expertise focuses on expanding the expertise of practicing educators. The courses within this concentration promote colleague collaboration; the mastery of complex curriculum design; the application of instructional strategies; and the construction of career goals that are based on gaps in expertise and one's own learning journey.

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New Teacher Fundamentals

  • 16 Courses

New teacher fundamentals focuses on the teacher practices needed to make a smooth transition into the classroom and the teaching profession. The courses within this concentration enhance teacher success and retention by promoting strategies for effective classroom management, lesson design, student engagement, and relevant, student-centered instruction.

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Instructional Strategies

  • 30 Courses

Instructional strategies focuses on strategies and activities teachers can use to enhance student learning. The courses within this concentration provide methods, strategies, and activities that engage learners in purposeful tasks; promote differentiated instruction; involve a variety of multiple intelligences and learning styles; help to develop executive function skills, foster social-emotional skills; and utilize a variety of lesson structures.

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Social Emotional

  • 15 Courses

Social-emotional focuses on developing social-emotional skills and promotes an inclusive and respectful classroom culture. The courses within this concentration promote strategies that foster self-efficacy and healthy mindset, self-awareness, self-management, self-care, responsible decision-making, social-awareness, relationship skills, and social-sensing, all within a culturally responsive and inclusive learning environment.

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Teacher Leadership

  • 7 Courses

Teacher leadership focuses on developing leadership skills in teachers and also those who are in leadership roles or assume professional responsibilities that extend beyond the classroom to school, district, or professional positions. The courses within this concentration provide strategies for being an instructional leader, mentor, or coach in an effort to enhance student learning and the overall expertise of the profession.

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Teaching With Technologies

  • 25 Courses

Teaching with technologies focuses on enhancing student engagement and learning by incorporating technologies into the learning experience. The courses within this concentration demonstrate that teaching with technologies does not require expensive state-of-the-art equipment. Rather, it presents technologically-oriented strategies that support learning outcomes and allow students to process content, interact with concepts, and demonstrate learning.

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