International School Leadership

M.S. in Education With a Major in International School Leadership Through Wilkes University and the AAIE Institute

Opportunities await. Prepare to lead abroad.

As of July 2020, almost six million students PreK-12 were being taught at 11,616 international schools globally, with student numbers increasing by some 7% from 5.6m in 2019. Some forecasts suggest that the schools will host almost 7 million students by 2023 (Stacey, 2020).

New and aspiring international school leaders are in demand. If you’ve ever thought about living and learning abroad, a career in international school leadership may be a perfect fit.

This 30-credit master’s degree program is offered through a completely online format, allowing you the flexibility to obtain your graduate degree in as little as two years.To fulfill the requirements for the Master of Science in International School Leadership, you must complete all seven AAIE Institute courses plus an additional three courses offered directly from Wilkes University.

How to Enroll

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